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With Love That Won't Be Apart...

With Love That Won't Be Apart..
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Welcome to hasshi_daily! A community for Hasshi fans! Here's a little info about Hasshi!

Full Name: Hashimoto Ryosuke
Nickname: Hasshi
Birthplace/Birthdate: Chiba/ July 15 1993
Height/Weight: 177cm/ 58kg
Blood Type: B
Ex-groups: J.J Express
Current groups: TOP3 (temporary)
Joined JE On: September 8th 2004
Family: Mom, Dad, Older sister
Respected Senpai: Kinki Kids
Favorite Entertainer: KAT-TUN
Talent: Never get below 70 on test, Soccer, Can play guitar & drums
Weak Point: Eyesight, Wear glasses at school, Short-tempered
Favorite Food: Soft candy & Camembert cheese
Disliked Food: Green peas
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Subject: None
Worst Subject: Math
Motto: "Never forget to consider the people around you"

Profile credits to wiki.theppn & some of Japanese magz ^^

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